January 20, 2014

Heatwave salad

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Too hot to think?
Too hot to move?
Need to feel cool and cleansed?
Too tired to read a recipe?

May I present… Easy carrot salad!!!




It goes well with other salads


And on cooler days and nights, is lovely with pan-fried haloumi or eggplant slices.
For added protein, throw in a handful of nuts.


Salad preparation and clean-up is easy, and almost carbon-neutral!



January 22, 2011

Fresh New and Blue: it’s sing-along-time

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Round about this time of year, I change the blog’s visual theme.

I have no idea why I hadn’t found this theme in the past, as it sits nicely with my business card, and is so fresh and clean.

In Brisbane this morning it’s fresh, sunny and cool, and there’s a song for that!

Now play the video and sing along. Singing is very, very good for our Lung qi – a vital energy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine understands our Lungs are like a bellows which pumps qi through our bodies. Lung qi also oversees our immunity and assists with fluid metabolism. Grief and loss cause Lung qi to dissipate. So really, truly sing out loud!

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