August 22, 2010

“Music in the age of soundbites”

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Still Life with Musical Instruments, Pieter Claesz,1623

On the day after my country’s national election – preceded by weeks of dispiriting, spiritless and unedifying national discourse – this address by renowned Australian conductor Simone Young found its way out of my kitchen radio, and into my mood.

Put the kettle on.

Put your feet up, and hear why excellence, the arts, artistic heritage, and creative expression are good for us.

Available from today – 22 August 2010 – for the next four weeks. Be quick!  You’ll be glad you listened.

2010 Peggy Glanville-Hicks Address – presented by Simone Young AM


April 24, 2009

“Bad Heart Linked to Depression”

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So stated The Courier Mail last week.


What is a ‘bad heart’ anyway?

What makes a heart go ‘bad’?


Adiposity in excess?

Love gone wrong?

Existential crisis?

Being bitter?

Check back in a day or so for a Traditional Chinese Medicine, Care of the Soul, and Tarot-based interpretation of this important issue.

Today, and any other day, if you feel something is amiss with your heart, your mind, your body or emotions, please see an appropriately qualified and experienced health professional.

Margi Macdonald

A note about ownership of today’s image: the Three of Swords from the Tarot.

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