July 27, 2016

Get out there! Health benefits from nature are real

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With thanks today to Senator Scott Ludlam, who shared this juicy science on social media today.

Health Benefits from Nature Experiences Depend on Dose

We show that people who made long visits to green spaces had lower rates of depression and high blood pressure, and those who visited more frequently had greater social cohesion. Higher levels of physical activity were linked to both duration and frequency of green space visits. A dose-response analysis for depression and high blood pressure suggest that visits to outdoor green spaces of 30 minutes or more during the course of a week could reduce the population prevalence of these illnesses by up to 7% and 9% respectively.

Read more here: http://www.nature.com/articles/srep28551


September 13, 2010

Alco-fuelled blues, violence and despair

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After a weekend which saw a nationwide police blitz on alcohol-induced misbehaviour, today we learn that 7% of people in a group of 600 Australians ‘drink [ alcohol ] to feel normal’. *

The major reason people overdo alcohol consumption is to mask the darkness and despair of depression and other difficult emotional states.

There are safer, life-affirming ways to restore joy and equanimity, rather than self-medicating with alcohol, a substance which used often and excessively, destroys mental health and generates nasty longterm physical disorders.

You can start here, at Beyond Blue, an Australian initiative.

Australians who are struggling can also call Lifeline:  13 11 14

Your family doctor can help.

There are also well-established acupuncture protocols which help people through drug and alcohol withdrawal.


Cautions and Care: This article is for information only, and is not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment. If you have concerns about your emotional, mental or physical health, or that of another, you must visit an appropriately qualified and experienced health professional.

* Source: Australians drinking to mask depression: research

August 14, 2010

Men with cells behaving badly

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Today there are two men on opposite sides of the world, chronicling their experiences of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Both are professional writers, one Australian, the other US-based.

I admire these men –  Jonty Este and Christopher Hitchens – for doing what most men would never do; discussing in public, the dysfunctions of their bodies, and their emotional and intellectual reactions to life-threatening illness and the rigours of treatment.

As ever, Hitchens is grimly, ironically witty. Este writes with direct honesty.

My hope is that their experiences will enable more men to open up and share stories such as this, rather than suffering in silence and emotional isolation.

Jonty Este’s piece is here at Croakey.

Hitchens is published at Vanity Fair.

We wish them well, and hope that one day soon, men living with cancer will have access to supportive services and programs similar to those that their sisters with breast cancer have worked so hard to create.


Image: Red Crabs by Tuli 100986, sourced at Wikimedia Commons, is in the public domain

Why are there crabs on this page?

In early medical times, cancer was noted to have a somewhat crab-like movement, with its hard tumours creeping slowly sideways, throughout the body.

You can find the word’s Latin, Greek and Sanskrit history and origins at dictionary.reference.com

July 15, 2010

Distress. De-stress. Stress Down and Dress Down

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The effects of stress on our bodies

So you see, it never has been a simple case of “it’s all in your head”.

Go to Lifeline’s Stress Down Day

You’ll discover how you can manage stress, have some fun, and raise money for an organisation which does a great job.

If you’ve realized your health is affected  by stress, you must see your family doctor for a check-up, and then schedule a deeply relaxing acupuncture or Reiki session.

If you’re struggling with insomnia, you might like this.

You can also take the 30 second health check here.

April 24, 2009

“Bad Heart Linked to Depression”

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So stated The Courier Mail last week.


What is a ‘bad heart’ anyway?

What makes a heart go ‘bad’?


Adiposity in excess?

Love gone wrong?

Existential crisis?

Being bitter?

Check back in a day or so for a Traditional Chinese Medicine, Care of the Soul, and Tarot-based interpretation of this important issue.

Today, and any other day, if you feel something is amiss with your heart, your mind, your body or emotions, please see an appropriately qualified and experienced health professional.

Margi Macdonald

A note about ownership of today’s image: the Three of Swords from the Tarot.

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