January 16, 2012

What is healing, really?

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My definition of healing is coming to terms with things as they are, so that you can do whatever you can to optimize your potential, whether you are living with chronic pain or having a baby. You can’t control the universe, so mindfulness involves learning to cultivate wisdom and equanimity— not passive resignation—in the face of what Zorba the Greek called the full catastrophe of the human condition.

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September 8, 2010

Music is Basically Sex for your Ears (via Esscentual Alchemy)

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Amanada Fslangaltrot at Esscentual Alchemy has more than two senses covered with this delicious, soul-soothing, slow-moving sensual post.

Why do you think Amanda and I understand that music is basically sex for your ears?

Where else in your body do you feel this music? Or is your response more emotional than physical?

Which of Amanda’s favourites is your favourite, and why?

Let us know with a family-friendly, G-rated comment!

Music is Basically Sex for your Ears I have been challenged to write a blog post about this topic, which I realized today, when providing a friend with some comfort music. And so I take up my keyboard!  En Garde! Listen to this piece of music by George Frederic Handel ~ Sarabande. Doesn’t your brain just want to melt into puddles?  Mine does.  H … Read More

via Esscentual Alchemy

June 20, 2010

Values in a healing practice

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Winter is a time of stillness, and for gathering  and nurturing new energy for the coming seasons of growth and development.

I’ve used this time to reconsider and articulate the values which support the work I bring to you.

Compassion & Respect – I welcome you with warmth and kindness, respecting and accepting you and your unique life path, choices and heritage. In this place of acceptance you will experience the gentle unfolding of newness and change in your health and well-being.

Generosity & Joy – I care for you with an open heart, generosity of spirit, and good humour. Surrounded by joy and laughter you are rewarded with the gifts of greater ease and comfort, better health, greater awareness, and knowledge.

Empowerment & Support – I work with you at all times so that you can rediscover your inner power and healing nature. I encourage and support you in a sustained manner without judgement, and take as much care and interest in you as you require.

Professionalism – I respect each of us by following professional codes of conduct and ethical practice. I provide a healing environment and services and remedies which are safe and effective. I am dedicated to life-long learning and professional development, and bringing you the best chance of a good outcome. I respect time and resources – both yours and mine – and receive your payment for my professional service with mindful appreciation and thanks.

What do you most value in a health practitioner?  Your thoughts and opinions are important; leave a comment.

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April 24, 2009

“Bad Heart Linked to Depression”

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So stated The Courier Mail last week.


What is a ‘bad heart’ anyway?

What makes a heart go ‘bad’?


Adiposity in excess?

Love gone wrong?

Existential crisis?

Being bitter?

Check back in a day or so for a Traditional Chinese Medicine, Care of the Soul, and Tarot-based interpretation of this important issue.

Today, and any other day, if you feel something is amiss with your heart, your mind, your body or emotions, please see an appropriately qualified and experienced health professional.

Margi Macdonald

A note about ownership of today’s image: the Three of Swords from the Tarot.

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