January 27, 2014

Scentual Sunday

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Each Sunday, Amanda Feeley at Essentual Alchemy shares some of the best music ever composed.
Amanda composes and creates completely beautiful, intriguing and evocative perfumes.
I hope you enjoy her sublime choice of renaissance music today.


April 1, 2012

Sunday, Bach and Il Giardino Armonico

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Turn it up, make a fine beverage, and sit with your back to the sun for the next few minutes.


January 15, 2012

Sunday wonders: Souffle de vie

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Strength, grace, tenderness, and one of my favourite instruments- the doudouk.

Souffle de vie: breath of life

October 25, 2011

A blooming lovely moment…

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Be sure you have sound…

November 25, 2010

Do you really need your over-the-counter pain-reliever today?

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If we simply think of it as ‘getting up and doing something’, we inevitably want to do it more and more often.

It’s free, it can make us laugh out loud, it’s entertaining, and it doesn’t come with a long list of potential medication-induced, life-threatening side-effects.

What are you doing after you read this?


Cautions & Care: This article and video do not replace medical assessment and care. If you have a health concern, or have persisiting pain, visit  an appropriately qualified health professional. The activities shown in this video may not be suitable for everybody. Please use your commonsense, or seek the guidance of a specialist exercise professional.

November 1, 2010

A rose in any form

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Chartres Cathedral — rose window

Why do we love roses?

Blue roses – yes or no?

What fragrance would a blue rose carry?  Sweet, ethereal and fresh, or oddly un-rosey?

Tell us what you think and feel about the idea of a blue rose, or an other rose.



Chartres Cathedral-rose window. Dimitri B on Flickr. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

blue_rose. elbfoto on flickr. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


Composer: Elena Kats-Chernin (1957- )
Performers: Nicola Sweeney (violin) & Sarah Nicolls (piano)

September 3, 2010

Natural world mathematics ‘…a whisper or a glance…’

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Cauliflower fractals...

Cauliflower fractals. ElbtheProf

Visit Nikki Graziano’s site.

Nikki says she is observing the “mathematics within our universe”; a “quick correspondence between the disciplines of art and mathematics”, offering images which are a “whisper or a glance”.

Go here to see her work.

Nikki and many others are interested in natural world fractals; patterns seen in cauliflowers, clouds, snowflakes and all kinds of landforms and landscapes.

What’s a fractal?

Wikipedia says A fractal is “a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole,”[1] a property called self-similarity.

Are nature’s visually recurring patterns good for us, in the same way that harmonies and patterns within great music are calming, inspiring and evocative? What do you think? What do you feel?

Did you know that acupuncturists assess patterns of disharmony which cause illness and affect our well-being? Acupuncture, Aromatherapy and Reiki restore us to our natural patterns of harmony.

This image above is not one of Ms Graziano’s, so be sure you take a look at hers.

Go here, and take the 30 second disharmony test.


Image: Cauliflower fractal by ElbtheProf on Flickr. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

August 15, 2010

It’s time for some music

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It’s been a while since I posted any music here.

So today, sit back and enjoy this live performance of one of the world’s most exquisite pieces ever written for piano.

Chopin’s Piano Concerto No 1 in E minor Op 11; 2nd movement.

Watch as Mr Fichman enjoys and becomes part of this piece.

Apparently Chopin in this movement wanted to describe the feelings we might experience when our eyes alight upon a beautiful landscape.

Where did this music take you?

What did you feel or remember as you listened?

Why do you think music makes us feel profound emotions?


Image Evening #1 1982-1983. The great Australian painter – Lloyd Rees 1895-1988

September 16, 2009

Oh beautiful beautiful virus

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Artist Luke Jerram's sculptural representation of the ovoid H1N1 Swine Flu virus

Artist Luke Jerram's sculptural representation of the ovoid H1N1 Swine Flu virus

Many fellow WordPressers will be marvelling at these exquisite glass sculptures today.

The photo is by the artist, whose representations of some well-known viruses and bacteria are currently showing in the UK.

This is a stunningly created marriage of science and art, providing us with a peek into the microcosmos which is the world-within-our-world of germy things.

If you go here you’ll be able to thumb through images of Jerram’s other crystalline, clear beauties. The HIV virus – in glass at least- is an elegantly spare orb; its beauty belies the tragedy which is AIDS.

From beauty comes horror and despair.

It was ever thus.

So how can we bring beauty into the horrid? Luke Jerram has achieved it with these works. How do you enrich your life, and those of others, with attention to beauty which is not always visible?

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