August 2, 2016

An arboreal alphabet

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I’m not showing you any images with this one.

Head over right now and read this interview with Katie Holten and see the examples of her work, and then you might want to create your very own arboreal alphabet.

Or perhaps, instead of trees, you might choose flowers, or leaves, or birds, or insects or fish; whimsical, fantastical drawings from your own quite wonderful mind’s eye.

Everyone’s an artist, and we’re all part of the natural world, even if we live in a highrise shoebox-sized apartment in a megacity.

Go on. Do it.




April 25, 2012

A little announcement!

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13 000



Unique page views!!

Thank-you Everyone

Without visitors and readers, a blog is nothing










August 14, 2010

Men with cells behaving badly

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Today there are two men on opposite sides of the world, chronicling their experiences of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Both are professional writers, one Australian, the other US-based.

I admire these men –  Jonty Este and Christopher Hitchens – for doing what most men would never do; discussing in public, the dysfunctions of their bodies, and their emotional and intellectual reactions to life-threatening illness and the rigours of treatment.

As ever, Hitchens is grimly, ironically witty. Este writes with direct honesty.

My hope is that their experiences will enable more men to open up and share stories such as this, rather than suffering in silence and emotional isolation.

Jonty Este’s piece is here at Croakey.

Hitchens is published at Vanity Fair.

We wish them well, and hope that one day soon, men living with cancer will have access to supportive services and programs similar to those that their sisters with breast cancer have worked so hard to create.


Image: Red Crabs by Tuli 100986, sourced at Wikimedia Commons, is in the public domain

Why are there crabs on this page?

In early medical times, cancer was noted to have a somewhat crab-like movement, with its hard tumours creeping slowly sideways, throughout the body.

You can find the word’s Latin, Greek and Sanskrit history and origins at

September 12, 2009

Feasts for mind and mouth and heart

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Sometimes we chance upon a piece of writing so evocative, beautiful, rich and real, that we are transported into the experience of the writer.

Today I chanced upon this wonderful piece The Olfactory Safari. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Another happy discovery  this week:  I picked up a fabulous book on the sale table at Readings on Lygon Street in Melbourne – The Fruit Hunters: A story of nature, adventure, commerce and obsession by Adam Leith Gollner.

This book’s got it all – superb writing, sex, sensuality, history, agriculture, obsession, botany, mythology, and more fruits than we’ll encounter in a lifetime. Read this, and you’ll be yearning for exotica, culinary diversity, and noisy, foetid,  fragrant marketplaces in lands-afar.

The Fruit Hunters cover

And a confession – I first thought to give this to my sister Wendy Fogarty a London-based Slow Food maven, but she might just have to procure her own copy! This hardback is my kind of book, with rough-cut pages, subtly un-smooth creamy-coloured paper, hand-drawn botanical illustrations and a feast of recommended further readings.

What are you reading and enjoying today?  Share with a comment below.

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