Margi Macdonald offers these therapies to help you with your health and well-being.


You are met with compassion, respect, acceptance, good humour and professionalism.


Margi is a fully accredited member of AACMA – the peak professional association for Australian acupuncturists and Chinese medicine health practitioners.


Her qualifications:

If you are wondering about Margi’s experience and special interests, you will want to know that Margi has cared for many people over the past years, who have sought help for a variety of conditions. These concerns have ranged from acute pain and illness, to chronic, life-altering conditions, including cancer.

Before natural therapies, Margi’s was a Registered Nurse, with extensive medical and surgical experience. Her post-grad years were spent in Gynaecology, General Medicine, and Cardio-thoracic units.

On the home front, Margi is the mother of three young adults and custodian of two slinky cats. A great believer in moderation in all things, Margi wishes Australian workplace reform included after-lunch siestas. Margi has an interest in the arts, the wider world, ideas, and most importantly… people.

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