June 28, 2012

Long Service Leave

Posted in brisbane, health, life tagged at 1:00 pm by Margi Macdonald

After 14 years of clinical practice in this work I love, it’s time to close the doors for a little while.

The great healing sciences of the East teach us that winter is the time when we must go within, rejuvenate and regenerate.

It’s time for me to put my feet up, read a novel or six, knit some heirlooms, visit family, and plan my veggie patch for the spring.

I’ll also be starting work on this project, something I’ve wanted you to have for such a long time!

I’ve contacted several wonderful practitioners in and around Brisbane who can attend to your needs, and they are looking forward to helping you. I’ll include their details in my next eNewsletter.

I’ll still be around: blogging here at Some Energy Thing and posting daily at Healing from the Natural World on Facebook.

To stay in touch, please SIGN UP for email updates here, and LIKE the Facebook page.

Image: ©Margi Macdonald


  1. Sandra Venables said,

    Margi, would love to catch up in your down time – I’m in Brisbane most Thursdays with a period of 2 hours to spare – maybe we can touch base and catch up. Take care, enjoy your down time, much needed I’m sure, enjoy the knitting! Love Sandra

    • Margi Macdonald said,

      Yes, let’s catch up!
      i’ll communicate via Facebook DM.

  2. dabney said,

    Margi, injoy this ebb time … the world outside has become such a torrent!

    • Margi Macdonald said,

      …ebb time…perfect imagery!
      Thank-you Dabney.

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