June 20, 2012

Gazing upon natural beauty…

Posted in health tagged , , , , , at 9:50 am by Margi Macdonald


I love that meandering on the interwebs may lead us to unexpected and delightful things.

Yesterday was one of those happy occasions.

This danmala is for you.

It was created by Kathy Klein

Visit her site, see her gallery.

Allowing the eye and mind to alight upon natural beauty is a kind of therapy in itself, well-understood within Ayurvedic medicine.

I’m so happy I found these.

I’m reminded of my childhood in Papua New Guinea. As little children, our minds and creativity at ease, we made danmalas using frangipani and other tropical flowers…

I’m thinking it’s time to do it again!


  1. I love the mandala, what creativity and fun with flowers.

    • Margi Macdonald said,

      Hi Liam
      I like these so much, I follow Kathy Klein’s “Danmala” on Facebook.
      It’s always a joy to see a new one come through every now and then.

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