March 19, 2012

Good for soup and symphonies…

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Sometimes when we’re thinking about dinner, and the shift from summer to autumn, our thoughts turn to soup.

You know, soups made from scratch, with a foundation of homemade stock and that great soupy trinity of carrot, celery and onion (or leek).

Sometimes when we’re pottering about on locavore and sustainability websites, we come across a gem such as this.

Now…I’d love to know about your all-time favourite soup; why you like it, memories made while supping its nurturing deliciousness, super-soup ingredients… all of that. Please share with a comment!

Convinced soup-making is all together too time-consuming?  You need this.


  1. dabney said,

    0 gee i wish my soups sounded this nice!! but sometimes i pull one off that makes my cells sing like this! we are moving into warm weather so we injoy avocado blended w/ fresh carrot juice & maybe some lemon.
    Great post Margi!

    • Margi Macdonald said,

      Dabney, carrot, avocado and lemon sounds delightful!

  2. As a child, I loved my Mum’s bacon bone & vegie soup. It was so delicious – soft noodles, barley, peas and so many vegies, I ate bowls and bowls of it – it made me look forward to winter. Also, I found that her cauliflower soup was the perfect substitute for creamy soups as I was a non-dairy child (and still am). BTW the video is GOLD!

    • Margi Macdonald said,

      Soft noodles AND barley?!
      Oh that is glorious.
      Ummmm…cauliflower soup…yes please!
      Thanks Sarah!

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