October 25, 2011

A blooming lovely moment…

Posted in brisbane, fragrance, health, life tagged , , , , , at 12:43 pm by Margi Macdonald

Be sure you have sound…


  1. Beautiful footage! I feel like I’ve done a 30minute meditation after watching it!!

  2. diamondddays said,

    Hi Margi
    I really, really liked that. Will show my daughter as soon as she gets home from school! If only I could keep things that simple all the time…..

    • Margi Macdonald said,

      Hi Kathy
      I also liked it the minute I first saw it!
      I hope your daughter likes it s much as we do.

  3. Lilith said,

    lovely….and it raised my spirits

    • Margi Macdonald said,

      I’m sure flowers were designed by nature deities with the sole purpose of spirit-lifting.

  4. dabney said,

    that was amazing!
    i will have to be more mindful of how i present ‘my face’ to the world.. thank you for sharing that Margi :D

    • Margi Macdonald said,

      Yes, I agree Dabney… amazing, and a sweet way of remembering to smile!

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