March 17, 2011

Why are gynecologists still prescribing HRT despite known risks? (via The Ethical Nag)

Posted in health at 6:31 am by Margi Macdonald

Carolyn Thomas at The Ethical Nag delivers a post all women must read.
Her final paragraph reaffirms my clinical point of view, and that of many natural medicine practitioners.
I think we should take copies of this to our GPs and Gynaecologists!

Why are gynecologists still prescribing HRT despite known risks? How is it possible that half of all gynecologists are still prescribing hormone replacement therapy to their patients for uses that are clearly unsupported by evidence – despite the alarming warnings of the largest randomized, placebo-controlled trial of HRT ever performed? This reality is "curious", according to Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman at Georgetown University Medical Center, in a new study* examining 340 medical journal articles about HRT. Her … Read More

via The Ethical Nag



  1. Carolyn Thomas said,

    Hi Margi – thanks so much for this link to my article today. I also wanted to remind your readers that the journal ‘Public Library of Science’ (which published this research) is an outstanding non-profit and (most important!) independent publication if you are seeking trustworthy science-based health information. They publish a number of peer-reviewed open access journals – check them out at:

    Keep up the good work!


    • margihealing said,

      Hi Carolyn, thanks for dropping by and sharing the link.
      I always look forward to your posts, and know they’ll be a good read.

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