September 12, 2009

Feasts for mind and mouth and heart

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Sometimes we chance upon a piece of writing so evocative, beautiful, rich and real, that we are transported into the experience of the writer.

Today I chanced upon this wonderful piece The Olfactory Safari. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Another happy discovery  this week:  I picked up a fabulous book on the sale table at Readings on Lygon Street in Melbourne – The Fruit Hunters: A story of nature, adventure, commerce and obsession by Adam Leith Gollner.

This book’s got it all – superb writing, sex, sensuality, history, agriculture, obsession, botany, mythology, and more fruits than we’ll encounter in a lifetime. Read this, and you’ll be yearning for exotica, culinary diversity, and noisy, foetid,  fragrant marketplaces in lands-afar.

The Fruit Hunters cover

And a confession – I first thought to give this to my sister Wendy Fogarty a London-based Slow Food maven, but she might just have to procure her own copy! This hardback is my kind of book, with rough-cut pages, subtly un-smooth creamy-coloured paper, hand-drawn botanical illustrations and a feast of recommended further readings.

What are you reading and enjoying today?  Share with a comment below.



  1. Thank you so much for recommending my posting, “The Olfactory Safari”. I very much appreciate both your comment and encouragement. I have enjoyed reading your blog and have posted a link to it on mine. Be well.

    • margihealing said,

      Hello Ayanna,
      it truly is my very great pleasure.
      Am so spoiled for choice on your blog, I’ve had to think about where to place a link to your blog on mine – I finally settled on “Mindful Favourites”, though “Scrumptious” and “Fragrant Favourites” are also perfect homes for your work.
      Greetings from Australia!

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