May 31, 2009

Finding Meaning

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The shock and anguish of the past weeks are ebbing, as my Mother continues to recover from her misadventures-amongst-the-medicos.

Now begins the task of sinking in, breathing, and seeking to understand the lessons for all who were involved, including us.

I chanced upon this sacred video this morning. It brought me back to the earliest days of my studies in Ayurveda, and my explorations upon the ideas of the beginning, the sacred, the now, and the why.

Why not spend a few minutes with the sacredness, and peace of this work?
If there’s something troubling you, slip your busy, restless mind from its moorings just a little, and let the music wash over you. There’s every chance you’ll see or hear an answer to your concern.

You might also like to wander over to Lynn Somerstein’s blog, for her meditation tips. Today I’m giving my attention to the idea of forgiveness.



  1. Thank you for a most inspiring and lovely post.

    • margihealing said,

      Thank you Lynn,
      blessings for your days

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